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he believed in saving money for the people

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Q: Major elements of Hamilton's financial objective and policies?
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Hamiltons aggressive financial policies of paying off all federal bonds and taking on all state debts?

Funding and assumption.

What are main elements of financial system in the Philippines?

One of the main elements of the financial system in the Philippines is financial claims. Other main elements are financial institutions, financial markets, government agencies, and law and policies.

What was a sign of backcountry discontent with alexander hamiltons fiscal policies?

the whiskey rebellion!

What did Alexander Hamiltons major money policies and programs seriously threaten?

he hated poloticts

What are the elements of financial planning?

1. Laying down policies and procedures. 2.Determining financial resource. 3.Estimating the capital required. 4. Reviewing the financial plans in the changing economic,social and business environment.

what is the main objective of NBE?

National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE): The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is the central bank of Ethiopia. Its primary objective is to formulate and implement monetary and banking policies that promote the stability and development of the country's financial system. The NBE plays a crucial role in regulating and supervising financial institutions, managing the country's foreign exchange reserves, and promoting financial inclusion. The bank's overarching objective is to ensure price stability, foster economic growth, and maintain a stable and sound financial environment within Ethiopia.

Expalin how jefferson and hamiltons voew on human nature effected their position on specific policies?

Jefferson and Hamilton's view of human nature affected their position on specific policies during wartimes.

What does Genworth Financial do?

It is a company that offer life insurance policies to the public. Genworth Financial also provides many different other financial services outside of insurance policies.

Why did Madison and Jefferson lead the opposition to Hamiltons policies?

they differed on whether the speculators, or the original debt holders, should become the chief beneficiaries.

What is a financial elk?

someone who buy policies

How did thomas jefferson change the federal financial policies?

Thomas Jefferson did change the federal financial policies by opposing a very strong centralized government.

What is the department of education's job?

to set policies on financial aid