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The administrative function is the function of actually administering the law as declared by legislators and interpreted by the judiciary branch of government (Prof: Willoug By).

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Q: Managerial view of public administration
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What are the similarities between integral and managerial view on the nature of public administration?

they both serve the public

The scope of public administration in Pakistan?

Public Administration is concerned with the management of public programs, which interact with the residents of the community or region. Those who work in it should share a commitment to offer public service. Negative reactions toward the system and its officials will often use the term "bureaucracy" (i.e. government by the deskholders), with connotations of an inflexible and unresponsive hierarchy that is unconcerned or ill-equipped in its fulfillment of public duties.

Who has created eighteen definitions of public administration and put them in four categories of political legal occupational and managerial?

American political scientist Dwight Waldo is credited with creating eighteen definitions of public administration and organizing them into four categories: political, legal, occupational, and managerial. His work has been influential in shaping the understanding of public administration as a discipline.

Definitions of public administration?

there are two views according to the nature of publuic administration i.e interial and manegrialb according to the interial administration is the sum total of all the activities according to the manegrial administration is that managerial acvities of who are involved in planning organising managing cimmending etc

Describe the managerial levels managerial roles in hospital administration with special reference to the 21st century?


What is managerial point of view?

When someone has a managerial point of view, it means that they are evaluating a situation with the organizations' goals and constraint in mind.

How did America view president Kennedy and his family?

The general public loved him/them and referred to the Administration as Camelot.

Managerial economics serves as a link between traditional economics and the decision making sciences for business decision making?

Following are the steps helps to managers while taking decisions.. 1.Establish objectives. 2.Define the problem. 3.identify factors that affect the problem. 4.specify alternative solutions. 5.collect data and other informations. 6.Evaluate and screen alternatives. 7.Implement best alternative and monitor result. I think these are the main process in managerial economics.. By -Nsk

What are the definitions of Comparative Public Administration?

comparative public administration mean the administration of public sectors.

Compare and contrast contract administration in the public and privite sectors?

public scrutiny in public administration while there is no public observation in private administration

What is the study of public administration?

What is the importance of studying public administration

Is public administration a legitimate academic field?

is public administration alegitimate academic field? is public administration alegitimate academic field?