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After Shay's rebellion many Americans wanted a stronger national government. Shay's rebellion was an uprising that took place in 1786.

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Shay's Rebellion

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Q: Many Americans wanted a strong national government after what?
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What statement was true of the Whig party in 1824?

It wanted a strong national government - apex

Why were the majority of Americans opposed to the strong national government the framers wanted?

I think you have it wrong. The framers of the constitution wanted a federal government with limited powers. That was one of the reasons came here to get away from in England.

In the 1780's many Americans distrusted a strong central government why did they distrust it?

They thoiught it would cause a tyranny or oppressive rule

Did the federalists favored a strong national government?

Yes, that is why they are called Federalist. They wanted a strong central government.

Where Once the revolution was over few Americans wanted or saw the need for a strong national government?

your mom. They didn't want there own people to revolt against it.

Formerly nationalist group that wanted a strong national government?


What was true of the Whig Party in 1844?

it wanted a strong national government.

Which political party wanted a strong central government?

The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, wanted a strong national government for the US.

What did federalist want to do?

The Federalists wanted power situated in a strong national government.

Why did Americans not want a overly strong government?

Americans were so opposed to a strong national government because they didn't want the government to take their power away and for the government to get all of the power

What did the Federalists support in the Constitution?

there are many arguements, like army, immigration, and so many others.

Which group wanted a strong national government like the set forth in the constitution?