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A melting pot is where several ingredients are taken and melted into one unified ingredient. This has never truly been an accurate depiction of the people in the United States which is why the salad bowl analogy has gained more popularity of late. We are a country of immigrants who are loathe to abandon the cultures they came to this country with. Thus, we have African Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, Italian Americans, French Americans, Armenian Americans, Japanese and Chinese Americans to name just a few. Like a salad which serves as a unified dish, the ingredients in a salad are obvious and stand on there own as various ingredients, i.e., tomatoes, broccoli, celery, bacon bits and dressing. This is a far more accurate depiction of how people in the United States view themselves.

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I would say that America is more of a salad bowl than a melting pot. The people in America, while sharing some cultural similarities, are just barely acknowledging eachother's presences more than mixing everything together. Of course, they sometimes get along and interact, but so do the ingredients in a salad. They don't really mix together in a bigger way though, like people the people of America.

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Q: Many people used to say the US was like a melting pot now people say its like a salad bowl why?
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What is the opposite of melting pot?

The opposite of a melting pot is something called a salad bowl. In a bowl of freshly tossed salad, all the ingredients are mixed together. Yet they never lose their shape, form or identity. Together, however, the ingredients make up a unity. In a sense, all the ingredients of a salad contribute to the finished product. They may be covered with the same dressing, but the green vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce and eggs can all be seen for what they are. From this point of view, America is very much like a salad bowl where individual ethnic groups blend together, yet maintain their cultural uniqueness. They may work together during the day at similar jobs and in identical companies, but at night they may return to their ethnic communities where the flavor of their individual culture dominates their way of life. This is why perhaps there is so much diversity within America. Each ethnic group has its own special interests, language, food, customs and traditions to protect and defend. This idea of the salad bowl is referred to by sociologists as cultural pluralism. It simply means that American society is a collection of many cultures living side by side within one country.

Which pattern of interaction is also called the salad bowl theory?

As the development of the New World progressed, we saw in emerging countries like Australia, the US, etc. inclusion of various ethic/nationalistic group, often en masse. In the US in particular, the phrase, "The Melting Pot" became popular. It referred to the idea that inclusion of these varied groups would have an effect metaphorically similar to what occurs when alloying a metal. E.g., the resultant alloy has strengths and properties that the mother elemental metals alone do not have. The inclusion and assimilation of the incoming immigrations into a cohesive whole was considered a good thing.However, during the 20th century and later, many of the arriviste's felt they were losing their national/ethnic identity, and steps have been taken in many cases to preserve that uniqueness. This approach was not well described by terms like Melting Pot. As such, another metaphor was sought.The result was the Salad Bowl concept, in which we have a resultant combination that is, as a whole, an improvement over its various components alone, but also maintains the concept of: Separate yet equal. The components of a salad are combined, yet remain discrete.This metaphor encompasses some aspects from Melting Pot, but not the level of assimilation we saw as a positive in Melting Pot.In American early-grade education, this term is the replacement for Melting Pot (which is no longer considered to be politically sensitive enough).

What is grown in the California salinas valley?

A large majority of the salad greens consumed in the U.S. are grown within this region. Strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, and artichokes are the dominant crops in the valley. Other crops include broccoli, cauliflower, wine grapes, celery, and spinach. Due to the intensity of local agriculture the area has earned itself the nickname, "America's Salad Bowl."

How many team have 4 or more Super Bowl wins?

San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburg Steelers all have 5 Super Bowl wins.

What President's inauguration had to compete with Super Bowl Sunday?

Ronald Regan's second inaugural was the first to have to compete with Super Bowl Sunday in 1985

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Russia is a melting pot

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What is a salad bowl?

A salad bowl is a large bowl with a wide top to make it convenient to toss or mix the salad.

What is the definition of tossed salad theory?

is a bowl of people of different race. just like a bowl of salad, you put lettuce, tomatoes, cuccumbers, and etc............ that is why it is called TOSSED SALAD THEORY

SALAD BOWL of the Philippines?

Benguet is the "salad bowl" of the Philippines.

Salad bowl theory?

The salad bowl theory replaced the melting pot idea about the cultural and ethnic makeup of the United States. The melting pot idea was that America brought many different cultures and ethnicities together and "melted" or "blended" them all up into a uniquely America identity. However, the salad bowl theory says that the uniquely American identity is more like a mixture of cultures and ethnicities that retain their own individuality while also being part of something new, like vegetables in a salad.

How many servings is a bowl of salad?

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Is America known as the melting pot or a melting pot?

America is known as the "Melting Pot" of cultures. It is where all different societies of life come together as one in this great country we live in today. Now, it actually more known as the "Salad Bowl" because all these different cultures are solid like being in a salad, unlike us all melting together.

How do you use salad bowl in a sentence?

I broke my mother's glass salad bowl. A large salad bowl can hold an entire family's servings, but each person has a small salad bowl for his own serving. This salad bowl was made from pottery, while most now are glass or plastic.

What is the salad metaphor of diversity?

I believe you are referring to the salad bowl metaphor. This metaphor is used to describe the US quite a bit. Rather than being a melting pot, where all peoples of all backgrounds 'melt together' and assimilate, the US is now more often referred to as a salad bowl where everyone retains their culture, language, background, etc. but yet everyone is together much in the way a salad is.

Where is the salad bowl of the world?

California is the salad bowl of the world, specifically Salinas Valley. So much crops are grown here promoters have labeled it the Salad Bowl of the World.

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It depends on the size of the bowl and the type of green salad. However, an average size bowl of lettuce or other plain leafy greens might be approximately 30 calories.