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Social Gospel.

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Q: Many women who worked in settlement houses believed in the concept of?
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What was a hope for peoplewho worked in settlement houses?

They hoped immigrants would blend into the American culture (novanet)

Can you give me a sentence with the word settlement?

The settlement of James Town came about in 1607. The Lawyers worked out a settlement out of court.

What was a hope of people who worked in settlemeny houses?

People who worked in settlement houses hoped to improve the living conditions and social welfare of immigrants and other marginalized populations by providing educational programs, social services, and community support. They aimed to promote social justice, cultural understanding, and mutual respect among diverse groups within society.

What did slaves get for their work?

nothing oh, no. They got to live. They got small houses with no floor or furniture, and a small pit for fire. They believed, and I quote, "If we . . . worked hard, listened . . . we might get to Heaven."

A typical staff member of a settlement house?

worked for little or no pay.

What jobs did slaves have to do in the fields?

They grew crops and worked in houses.

How did the views of settlement house workers differ from nativist over immigration?

The settlement house, an approach to social reform with roots in the late 19th century and the Progressive Movement, was a method for serving the poor in urban areas by living among them and serving them directly. As the residents of settlement houses learned effective methods of helping, they then worked to transfer long-term responsibility for the programs to government agencies. Settlement house workers, in their work to find more effective solutions to poverty and injustice, also pioneered the profession of social work.

What Did They Do If They Were enslaved for slavery?

Some Of the enslaved Blacks worked in houses ,fields,and woods .

Did the typical staff member of a settlement house work for little or no pay.?

worked for little or no pay.

What does a wife that cheats and never worked get in divorce settlement?

Alimony in some states and half of everything

Why did Asif Ali Zardari gave houses to many people in Karachi Pakistan?

He gave houses to people who worked for Benazir Bhutto in Karachi. Bhutto was his wife. He gave the houses to PIA workers.

What did orphans do?

they worked in work houses and if the did not work they would get hung or killed.and they were not allowed to have hair.