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why did matthew hopkins want to become a witch hunter?

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Q: Matthew Hopkins 17th century
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How did Matthew Hopkins die?

Matthew Hopkins, the notorious English witch-hunter, died of tuberculosis in August 1647. He was believed to be in his mid-20s at the time of his death.

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Did Matthew Hopkins died by witches?

I just wanted to get rid of the other terrible answer so nobody read it and not the correct answer by the wikipedia researcher below. Also, Hopkins was never really believed to have been killed by witches, but by other witch hunters under suspicion that he was himself a witch, also a false rumor.This answer was written by Wikipedia's main researcher.There is no proof that Matthew Hopkins was attacked by a group of women. We must remember that there were no such things as "witches" and that Hopkins was using superstition to for profit. He died from a common illness in the 17th ;Tuberculosis

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