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Q: Maybe the devil made him do it What nickname did Clerow Wilson adopt?
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Did Jacqueline Wilson adopt Emma Wilson?

no of course not Emma is her own (born by her) child.

What year did the Red Sox first adopt the nickname Red Sox?


Did Texans adopt the nickname lone star republic for their new country?

Yes they did! :)

In the movie twilight who said Maybe he will adopt you?

In the movie Twilight, the character Edward Cullen said, "Maybe he will adopt you" to Bella Swan, referring to how her father might be okay with Edward being a vampire.

Who is the owner of aunt Antarctica?

This may be a nickname adopted by most anyone who wants to adopt it.

What nickname did Texas adopt for Texas after they declared it to be independent nation?

Lone star republic.

What nickname did texans adopt for texas after they declared it to be an independent nation?

Lone star republic.

Why did president Wilson adopt a watchful waiting policy?

he was a very vital piece of history.

If you adopt a pet and later realize you are not compatible and are you no longer allowed to adopt?

You are still allowed to adopt because maybe your ready to. Said a ten year old girl. :)

How to get a nickname name?

You can get a nickname by choosing a name you like or that reflects your personality, hobbies, or traits. You can also ask friends or family to come up with a nickname for you based on your characteristics or interests. Ultimately, a nickname should feel natural and comfortable for you to adopt.

Can you adopt nineteen year old?

depending on if your responsible enough, its a maybe

What nickname did Texans adopt after they declared independence?

Texans gave themselves the nickname of the Lone Star Republic when they declared themselves an independent state. Sam Houston was the president of the Texas Republic.