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Updated: 4/28/2022
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v., -clared, -clar·ing,

  1. To make known formally or officially. See synonyms at announce.
  2. To state emphatically or authoritatively; affirm.
  3. To reveal or make manifest; show.
  4. To make a full statement of (dutiable goods, for example).
  5. Games. To designate (a trump suit or no-trump) with the final bid of a hand in bridge.


  1. To make a declaration.
  2. To proclaim one's support, choice, opinion, or resolution.


declare war

  1. To state formally the intention to carry on armed hostilities against.
  2. To state one's intent to suppress or eradicate: declared war on drug dealing in the neighborhood.

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Q: Meaning of declare
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What is the meaning of declare in four letter?


Is understand and declare synonyms?

No, "understand" and "declare" are not synonyms. "Understand" usually means to comprehend or grasp the meaning of something, while "declare" means to announce or make a formal statement about something.

What other words have the same meaning as declare?


What is a nine letter word meaning declare not guilty?

How about "exonerate".

What is an eight letter word meaning declare?

announce or proclaim

What is a 7 letter word meaning to declare innocent?

absolve, release

What is a antynom for capitalize?

One meaning of "capitalize" is to provide funds for a business. Antonyms for this meaning are "wind up", "bankrupt", or "declare bankruptcy".

What does nunito mean in latin?

There is no such Latin word as 'nunito'; however, there is 'nuntio,' meaning 'I announce' or 'I declare.'

How was the meaning of the civil war different for the north compared to the south?

Aaron Jamal Horton sign this to declare that i am signing this

What is the scientic meaning of predict?

To tell or declare beforehand; to foretell; to prophesy; to presage; as, to predict misfortune; to predict the return of a comet., A prediction.

What is root word for profession?

The root word for profession is "profess," which comes from the Latin word "profiteri," meaning to declare publicly or to acknowledge.

What is the root word for mispronunciation?

The root word for mispronunciation is "pronounce." It comes from the Latin word "pronuntiare" meaning to declare or to make known.