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it means we Americans decided the outcome.

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Q: Meaning of now true independence depended on the outcome of the American revolution?
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What is meaning of Life in the declaration of independence?

to eat african kids

Was a Drum Major in the American Revolution an Officer?

The American army of the revolution based its ranks very closely on those of the British army of the period; a drum major is not a rank, but an appointment, meaning that soldiers of different ranks can hold that title. Normally a senior sergeant or a sergeant-major (a warrant officer) would be appointed drum major - so it would be below the rank of a commissioned officer.

What did no taxation withought representation mean?

"No Taxation Without Representation" was a slogan of the American Revolution meaning that since the American colonies could not have their interests heard by the British Parliament, because they had no official representation, they no longer wanted to pay taxes which said Parliament had enacted without their consent.

What two groups had opposite views about colonial independence?

Independence for the 13 British colonies in America was not a goal shared by all of its citizens. The group who wanted to stay part of the British empire were called loyalists, meaning they wanted to remain loyal to Great Britain. On the other hand, the people who desired independence were often called patriots. Meaning patriotic to the idea of independence.

What is the meaning of the date 1776?

To the people of the USA … 1776 it is is remembered as the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence (of the Colonies from the British Crown.) The document was signed on 4 July 1776. That's why we celebrate The 4th of July.

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Why was the war called the revolutionary war?

It wasn't just called that it was also called the American Revolution and the Independence War or switch around the War of Independence. it was called the Revolutionary War because we wouldn't be here today without the history behind us. the war was history and we revovled. not caveman or women revolve but nation wise.

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Why did john Adams write the meaning of the American revolution?

SO WE CAN GET OUR FREDOM to be dyslexic

What can you say about the meaning and legacy of the American Revolution for ordinary people?

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What has the author Anne Rogers Minor written?

Anne Rogers Minor has written: 'The deeper meaning of our Daughters of the American Revolution organization' -- subject(s): Daughters of the American Revolution

What is the meaning of independence in Trinidad and tobago?

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What views on government did Benjamin Franklin have?

Ben Franklin was a supporter of the American Revolution meaning that he wanted freedom from england

How do you spell the declaration of independents?

The spelling of the noun is "independence" meaning freedom, liberty.The document that declared the thirteen colonies free from Britain in 1776 was the Declaration of Independence.

What is the meaning of french word la Revolution Fram aise?

The meaning of La Revolution Fram aise is easy fram revolution .

What is the root word of Revolution?

Revolution derives from the Latin words "re", meaning back or again, and "volvere" meaning to roll. It seems to have been originally used to describe the motion of the planets around the sun, as the planets move round the sun again and again. The use of the word to mean a major political upheaval probably dates from the 15th Century and was especially used to describe the removal of King James II of England - "The Glorious Revolution" - and of course the overthrow of the French Monarchy - "The French Revolution", and the winning of America's independence from Britain - "The American Revolution."

What is the meaning of the term asdar?

Aircraft to Satellite DAta Relay Audio Storage Dial Access and Retrieval Alabama Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

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