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search and rescue helicopters (R & S)

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Q: Medical helicopters are commonly referred to as?
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What is it called when helicopters transport objects by having them hang underneath them?

Helicopter design specs refer to this as an External Load. Commonly referred to as a "sling load". Some helicopters use a hoist to lift objects such as a Search & Rescue helicopter. This is a hoist load.

What is a xray techinician?

An xray technician is commonly referred to as a radtech or radiation technician in a medical setting.

How are helicopters used in a medical setting?

Helicopters where used in several medical settings both Civil and Military. One of the most famous of these helicopters was the Bell H-13 Sioux most noted in the show M.A.S.H.

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What was the usefulness of the first helicopters?

To labs vertically with crops and medical supplies.

What is the medical term meaning water pill?

A diuretic is medication given to reduce severe fluid retention in the legs and body.

What is the plural medical form of cervix?

The plural of cervix is often used as cervixes.However, this is commonly referred to as improper and the correct plural should be cervices.

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What are differences between commercial helicopters and other helicopters?

Commercial helicopters are genrally used for public air trvel for shorter distances. Flown by a commercial pilot who has gone through hundreds of hours of flight, medical and engine failur traning.