Molly Pitcher's dad

Updated: 4/28/2022
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her dad wuz John George McCauley

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Q: Molly Pitcher's dad
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What did Molly pitchers say when say what it took to make Thanksgiving?

:O flushishish dad

Who was molly brown mom and dad?

his dad

How was molly sick in private peaceful?

After charlie (the babys dad) died, tommo helped molly to look after him

What did Molly Pitcher do when growing up?

She was German and born near Trenton New Jersey.

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Did Molly Pitcher have children?

Molly Pitcher did have a child, and he was with John Hays. The baby was a boy and was born in 1780. Molly and John named him John Jr. after his dad. and a dude

Who are jackie Robinsons parents?

His mom's name is Molly Robinson, but I forgot the dads name

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Molly Pitcher's parents names?

Dad: John George Ludwig Mom: Gretchen LudwigActually There are more then one molly pictcher IM in the 5th grade . Im doing Margarette corbin. Another molly pitcher . Molly pitcher was just a nick name giving by the army. When a lady is taking care of them. Every molly pitcher did this when her husband was down she fired the cannon.

Who were Molly Pitcher's parents?

Molly Pitcher was born Mary Ludwig to her parents Maria Margaretha and John Georg Ludwick. She also had a brother named Johann Martin.

Who dies in the train smash tragedy in emerdale?

molly dies in train crash and reveals that Kevin is the dad of tyrons baby boy jack