Money in French

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Money in French
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What is I got the money in French?

I got the money is "j'ai l'argent" in French.

Where do I go to see what french money is worth?

French money is no longer the French Franc. Nowadays it is the Euro.

What does money mean in french?

"money" in translated "argent" in French; (to have money = avoir de l'argent) The French word "monnaie" is used to mean 'change / coins'

Is money in French masculine or feminine?

the Euro ( € ) is used by the French as their currency (as in much of Europe), since the end of 2001 when it replaced the French franc.

How do you say money in French but the Canadian side of French?


What do French people call their money?

Euro and French Francs

How do you say stole money in french?

to steal money is 'voler de l'argent' in French. He stole money is: il a volé de l'argent

What is money in French?


What is lots of money for you in French?

"lots of money" is translated "beaucoup d'argent", or familiarly "des tas d'argent" in French.

What does gagner argent mean?

"Gagner argent" is a French term, which means: "to make money". "Argent" is the French word for money and "gagner" is French for earning in this context.

What is the meaning of the French word 'fric'?

"Fric" is a French slang term that means money or cash. It is colloquially used to refer to money in informal contexts.

What you could with money in french?