More polite or politer

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Polite is correct, politer is not a word. (Wayne is much more polite than Stacy.)

- Wrong. Politer is a word. Both forms are possible. Look at the Oxford English dictionary for reference, unfortunately I am not allowed to link to it.

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Q: More polite or politer
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What are the comparative and superlative forms of the word 'polite'?

The comparative form of 'polite' is 'more polite' and the superlative form is 'most polite'.

What is the comparative and superlative form for the word polite?

more courteous, most courteous

What is the superlative and comparative word for polite?

politest, politer

What is the comparative and superlative form of polite?

what is the comparative and superlative form of ? polite tiny calm useful dark tasty old boring interesting nervoos sad new cold funny famous loud expencive rich importand terrible nice

Why do you say more polite when it is a two syllable word?

Some English adjectives of the -ER comparative form have never been adopted for everyday use. (Confusingly, the same form is used to make nouns from verbs.) So while nice is usually "nicer" the equivalent word "politer" is seldom used.

What is comparative form of the word polite?

The comparative form of polite is more polite. The superlative form is most polite.

Are the Chinese politer than Japanese?

no they are ruder

If you gave a guy something and he says thank you is he just being polite?

he is definitely polite but whether he is more than polite, only he knows.

What is mother in Malay?

emak or ibu. ibu is a politer way of saying it.

Plural of polite?

The word polite is an adjective. Adjectives don't have singular or plural, they have degrees, for example:polite, more polite, most polite.The noun form for the adjective polite is politeness; the plural form is politenesses.

What is the term juvenile delinquency refers?

It's a gentler, politer, more 'politically-correct' name for a juvenile lawbreaker used up to (usually) the age of 18.

Is it more polite to sneeze into your inner elbow or to slightly lower your head to face the ground?

It is more polite to sneeze by facing your head down the ground.