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the british

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Q: Most Americans on the frontier who took a side in the Revolutionary War supported who?
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Which side did most of the Americans living on the frontier support?

They supported the sides of the whites, as they were terrorized by many Plains tribes. There was constant conflict.

How did the war change American attitude toward international issues?

most Americans supported America's new global leadership role

What estate most supported the ideas of the enlightenment?

The middle class or bourgeoisie most supported the ideas of the Enlightenment. They valued reason, science, and individual rights, which were central themes of the Enlightenment movement. The middle class played a key role in spreading these ideas and challenging traditional authority during this period.

Most Americans who took a side in the Revolutionary War supported the Patriots?

Very difficult to say with any accuracy. The best we can determine was that the patriots were supported by a minority of the population. Most people remained loyal through much of the war, thinking that this little band of radicals couldn't possibly win the war.

What did most Americans not support during the 1920's?

The prohibition of alcohol was not supported by most Americans in the 1920's.

Was the Democratic Party supported by small farmers and frontiersmen?

Yes. The Democratic Party begun by Jackson was supported by practically everybody in the Western frontier and most of the South.

Did most Americans support the revolutionary war?

in most places yes, but there were many people that were undecided

The conclusion about the American revolutionary war is most clearly supported by information in this chart?

what is the answer a, b, c, or d

Why did the poorest Americans do most of the fighting in the revolutionary war?

In most wars the main combatants are from the poorer classes.

Who did most native Americans and African Americans support in the Revolutionary War?

British who promised back ancestrial land and freedom

What did most Texans support in the late 1820s?

In the 1820s, most residents of Texas were Mexican nationals. I presume they supported the government of Mexico (although there were Mexicans who fought with the Americans at Alamo). I suspect that most of the Americans living in Texas in the 1820s supported slavery and independence (slavery was illegal in Mexico).

When revolutionary war began most americans believed they were fighting for?

A redress of grievances against the British Empire