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Q: Most important executive power
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What important powers does the executive branch have?

the executive branch has the most power than the other branches because it enforces the laws , and it approves the veto laws .

What do you think is the most important power granted to the president-?

I believe that the most important power granted to the president is the power of deciding on whether or not to keep the war overseas going. I think that the country doesn't understand that in order to stop the war, it has to go beyond the president.

Why is the executive branch important to the . government?

Why is the executive branch the most important branch to the government? The executive branch is important to the government because it enforces our nations laws and provides national security.

The most important executive power of the governor is that of?

Not being well up on US Constitution, but the denial or approval of the Death Penalty would be up there.

Is administrative power more powerful than executive power?

In a government, it is the same thing. In a company, executive power would be quite higher in most ways.

The most important task of the executive branch is?


How was power distributed in most states after the revolutionary war?

By the Legislative branch having the most power, then the Executive, then the Judicial.

What is the presidents most important role?

The chief of the executive branch

What is the most important second branche of government?

i think executive branch

What is the Most important unit within the Executive Office of the President is the?

Your mother.

What does the executive branch check of the legislative branch?

The Executive Branch can veto bills. It can be argued that Congress has most of the power in government, but it is also compromised of the most people with the most direct contact with the people, therefore the power is still very dispersed.

Which branch of government held the most power under the state constitutions?