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True or False: Before the Civil War, the majority of white southerners owned slaves

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Q: Most white Southerners owned how many slaves?
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Did all Southerners own land even if it was only a small amount?

No. Most Southerners - even the majority of WHITE Southerners - owned no land at all.

MOst slaves in the south were owned by?

In the 1800's, most slaves were owned by plantation owners

What were most white southerners in the antebellum south?

most white southerners were non-slaveholding family farmers

What was most southerners wealth tied up in?

Most southerners wealth was tied around slavery. Down in the south they made money from the slaves farming and selling thier slaves.

What hardship were there for poor white southerners?

Mainly, food procurement. Most of the southerners were small farmers, and less than 9% owned slaves. So with most of the men at war, women and children had to work the farms. As the war progressed and Union troops invaded the south, they took no mercy on these helpless ones, burning crops, stealing livestock, even burning homes.

How widespread was slavery in the south?

Not as widespread as most people would have you believe. Only 6% of southerners owned slaves and of those, even fewer owned more than one. Most of the slaves were owned by large plantation owners. Slaves cost about what a luxury car would cost in today's terms and there was no guarantee that it would work, so unless someone had an enormous amount of money and a lot of work for them, they weren't very cost effective.

Most white southerner families owned at least one slave?

True! NEW RESPONDENT. False. In 1860 there were in the South (incl. the so called Border States) about 8,775,000 white inhabitants of which: 6 100 000 owned no slave, 1 400 000 owned between one and ten slaves, 300 000 owned between ten and twelve slaves, 200 000 owned more than twenty slaves.

How many slaves did most southerners own?

few or no enslaved people at all

What was the average number of slaves owned by a single person or owner in 1860?

An "average number" of slaves would not be a good way to describe who owned slaves in the south because the majority did not own them. According to most reliable references, no more than 22% or fewer of the southern population owned slaves. The cost of one slave was around $50,000 to $80,000 in twenty first century dollars. The most wealthy 1 percent or so of southerners (like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington) owned around 100 to 200 slaves at any one time. Only about 2000 plantation owners owned the bulk of the slaves. About 17 percent or so of the population owned from 3 to 10 slaves, while around 4% owned one or two slaves. A person had to be very wealthy to own one slave. Owning one slave would be like owning a high end Mercedes or small vacation home today as far as costs are concerned. At least 77 percent of southerners never owned slaves and were either too poor to even think about it, or considered slavery very bad.

Who owned slaves in ancient Rome?

Most rich families and even some middle class families owned slaves.

Is it true that most slaveholders owned more than twenty slaves?

No, it is not. In the South there were 7,8 millions of whites and 200,000 free blacks, of which: 6,100,000 owned no slaves, 1,400,000 owned from 1 up to 10 slaves, 300,000 owned from 10 up to 20 slaves and 200,000 owned more than 20 slaves.

What was the extent of slavery among the Southern white population?

A very small percentage of White Southerners owned slaves before The Civil War, something around 5%. However, Slaveowners would rent slaves to non slave owning farmers for a few days work. That way small farmers could get their crops planted and harvested. Still, most of the time small farmers would do most of the work on their own farms.

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