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few or no enslaved people at all

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^based 11 year ago post we

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True or False: Before the Civil War, the majority of white southerners owned slaves

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Q: How many slaves did most southerners own?
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How many southerners did not own slaves?

Fully 3/4 of southerners did not own slaves at the eve of the Civil War.

Did most southerners own slaves during the civil war?

Mainly for cotton farming from the help of the cotton gin.

According to many antebellum southerners the issue of states' rights revolved around their right to?

For many southerners, the states' rights issue revolved around the right to own slaves.

Why did only one third of Southerners own slaves?

because you suck

Did all southerners own slaves?

no- slaves were too expensive for most people to own. Oddly though, most of the people who could not afford slaves supported the institution of slavery. They could look forward to moving up in the world someday and owning a slave or two.

What southerners called for to protect their right to own slaves?

Southerners called for states' rights and the preservation of the institution of slavery to protect their right to own slaves. They argued that the federal government should not interfere with the laws of individual states regarding slavery.

Did According to many Antebellum southerners the issue of states rights revolved around their right to a fair and speedy trial?

no, to own slaves.

Did the southerners continue to own slaves after the emancipation Proclamation?

Yes, for a certain amount of time.

Did most southerners own slavesw before the civil war the war?

Yes. That was what the war was about. Preceding the war, southerners had slaves and the northerners didn't think it was right. Therefore, the Civil War happened. Hope this helped! Mckennaj

Were higher level politicians more likely to own slaves than other white southerners?


How did northerners and southerners disagree over the issue of slavery?

Briefly put, most Southerners wanted to continue the right to own slaves and most Northerners did not like the practice and did not want to see it extended to new states that came into the union. A fairly large number of Northerners were strongly against slavery and wanted to abolish it throughout the country as soon as possible. Some Southerners had objections to slavery but respected the right of others to keep their slaves.

Did all Southerners own land even if it was only a small amount?

No. Most Southerners - even the majority of WHITE Southerners - owned no land at all.