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the Executive branch of Goverment.

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Q: NIRA gave to much power to who?
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What does the nira stand for?

The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)

What is the population of Nira Dynamics AB?

Nira Dynamics AB's population is 25.

When was Nira Wickramasinghe born?

Nira Wickramasinghe was born on 1964-05-08.

When was Nira Dynamics AB created?

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Did Andrew Jackson oppose the congress because he believed it gave too much power to the wealthy?

NO! He opposed it because he believed it gave too much power to the poor.

Why did thomas Jefferson oppose Alexander hamiltons idea for a national bank?

It gave the government to much power.

What does the name Nira mean?

Nira is the feminine form of the Hebrew masculine Nir, and holds the meaning "Plowed Field."

When was Nira Luna born?

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According to the Articles of Confederationwho had the most power?

The articles of Confederation gave to much power to the national government.

Did the supreme court strike down the AAA and NIRA as unconstitutional?

Yes, the Supreme Court struck down the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) and the NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) as unconstitutional in separate cases. In 1936, the Court ruled that the AAA violated the Constitution by regulating agricultural production, and in 1935, it declared the NIRA unconstitutional for giving the executive branch excessive power.

Who felt that the constitution gave too much power to the government?


Was one argument against ratification of the Constitution that it gave too much power to the states?

NO. The Anti-Federalists who opposed the US Constitution were angered that the Constitution gave too little power to the states and too much power to the federal government.