Name for smuggled goods

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The answer is contraband By Lillieanne Wylde 6G

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Q: Name for smuggled goods
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What is Name for smuggled good?

Contraband is a word used to describe illegally imported goods.

What do you call smuggled goods?


What are smuggled goods called?

There are various terms that could be used to describe goods that have been smuggled. For example, it could be called contraband.

What did the colonies do to get the manufactured goods they wanted?

They smuggled them in from other countries

Why did colonists smuggle goods into the English colonies?

They smuggled goods because they believed they were unfairly taxed by the Sugar Act with made the colonists pay taxes whenever they bought sugar or molasses. It also didn't allow them to import goods from other countries so they smuggled goods into the colonies.

Illegal goods brought into the colonies without being taxed?


Warrants permitting the british to search colonial homes for smuggled goods?

In Britain officers employed to search for smuggled goods were known as excisemen.

Why should you not buy smuggled goods?

Lots of reasons:You don't want to put your money in the hands of crooksThey are often stolen to begin withThe goods can be confiscated if the appropriate taxes have not been paidIn most cases the law makes it illegal to sell or to buy smuggled goods.

Wrists of assistance enabled british customs officers to search?

Homes for smuggled goods

Who let officials enter any building to look for smuggled goods?

Coercive Act

What did writs of assistance allow british officials and soldiers to do?

the officials searched fo smuggled goods

What permitted the British officers to enter colonists homes and search for smuggled goods?

Writs of Assistance