Name levels of govnerment

Updated: 4/28/2022
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executive branch legislative branch judical branch

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Q: Name levels of govnerment
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Name the three levels of government.?

The three levels of government are:The central governmentState governmentsLocal self-government

Why should you participate in govnerment?

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What levels do the organizations of major political parties operate independently?

All levels

Are there different levels of government?

yes there is different levels of government for each state

How many levels does Minnesota have in its court system?

The Minnesota Judicial Branch is made of three levels.

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What is the name of a colonial rebellion involving English farmers who where against the govnerment in the Southern Colonies?

shay's rebellion

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How do you use central government in a sentence?

central govnerment

Which did the US govnerment not do during the war?

Be more specific.. what war

Who waas allowed to vote under the new govnerment?

When the constitution was written white men who owned land and were 21 could vote.

Who controlled the nation's rail traffic?

the govnerment or president controlled the nation's rail traffic. the police man controlled the nation'srail traffic.

Why is Athens gouvernment better than spartas?

it was beter because their govnerment was democracy which means the people were the rulers no king or any body like that

Name the 3 levels of the government and the title of each leader and the name of each leader?

the three levels of government is local, state, and federal.

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The three levels are: - organism - species -ecosystem.

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