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Updated: 4/28/2022
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Attorney-General and Minister of Justice-Mrs. Betty Mould IddrisuHealth Minister- Dr George Sipa YankeyMinister of the Interior-Mr Cletus AvokaMinister of Tourism-Juliana Azumah-MensahBrong-Ahafo Regional Minister-Mr. Kwadwo Nyamekye-MarfoMinister of Communications- Haruna Iddrisu,Defence Minister, Lt. General Joseph Henry SmithMinister of Water Resources, Works and Housing- Mr Albert Abongo

Minister of Education-Mr Alex Tettey-EnyoMinister of Trade and Industry-Ms. Hannah Tetteh,Minister of Lands and Natural Resources- Alhaji Collins DaudaMinister for Water Resources works and Housing-Albert AbongoUpper West Regional Minister-Mr Mahmud Khalid,Western Regional Minister-Mr. Anthony Evans AmoahMinister of Women and Children's Affairs-Akua Sena Dansua,Minister of Employment and Social Welfare-Stephen Amoanor KwaoMinister for Local Government and Rural Development- Mr. Joseph Yile ChirehMinister for Transport- Mr. Mike Allen HammahMinister for Roads and Highways- Mr. Joe Gidisu C

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Q: Name of speaker
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