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Q: Name the Telecom Regulatory authority in UK?
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What is ofcom?

OFCOM is an independent regulatory authority for broadcasting and communications in the UK.

UK telecom services?

The main telecom provider in the UK is British Telecom. However - cable companies such as Virgin and others, also supply telecom services.

What is an microwave in telecom?

The British Telecom microwave network is a network of point-to-point microwave radio links in the UK.

How can Alpha Telecom be contacted?

Alpha Telecom can be contacted by email, by telephone or by written letter. The Alpha Telecom company is located in the United Kingdom and offers service to the UK and Wales.

What's the regulatory authority in the UK for securities exchanges?

The regulatory authority in the U.K. for securities exchanges is the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Stated on the Authority's website, , the FSA was "...given statutory powers by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000." It has either subsumed or replaced regulatory functions of the smaller U.K. self-regulatory organisations (SROs), the: o Securities and Futures Authority (SFA) o Investment Management Regulatory Organisation (IMRO) o Personal Investment Authority (PIA), and o Securities and Investment Board (SIB) Its organisation is similar to that of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the main SRO in the U.S., but FSA is responsible for greater direct accountability to the government (via Parliament) than FINRA is to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, both entities are involved in implementing and pushing government regulations and monitoring strategies into market activities. Both Authorities are actively involved in consumer and investor education and quality assurance, transparency and public awareness of capital markets and their role in the global economy.

What is Regulatory Bodies in travel and tourism?

compare and contrast the roles of the different trade and regulatory bodies in the UK

When was UK Statistics Authority created?

UK Statistics Authority was created in 2008.

Which country is good for telecom engineering jobs?

I think Australia, Finland UK & US

What company logo has a red comma?

Vodafone, Global telecom company headquartered in London, UK

When was UK Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary created?

UK Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary was created in 1955.

Which UK telecom providers offer international conference calling?

All telecom providers offer this nowadays, as it has become an industry standard. However the costs will vary across providers, so be sure to shop around.

What is the full form of UK MHRA?

United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.