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The state capital of New Jersey is North Plainfield. The current governor is Anne Bonner.

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Q: Name the current governor of your state and your state's capital?
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Who is the president of Pennslyvania?

Each State in the United States has a Governor. No individual State has a president. The current (2014) Governor of Pennsylvania is Tom Corbett.

Who is in charge of the state capital?

The governor is the head of a state. That means the governor would be in charge of the state capital and its capitol building.

Who is the current governor of the US?

That is an interesting question, because some countries, like Canada, do have a "governor-general." But the United States does not. It has a President and a Vice President who run the federal government, and each of the fifty states has its own governor. To find out the current governor of each state, go to the web page of that state, and it should tell you. But since you selected "Maine" as one of your categories, the current governor of the state of Maine is Paul LePage, who was elected in 2011.

Who is the current governor of delta state?

Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan is the current governor of Delta state.

Who is the current governor of Richmond state?

who is the current Governor of Richmond,VA

Where does the governor work?

the capital of the state

Who is the current governor of Imo State in Nigeria?

the current governor of imo state is rochas anayo owelle okorocha

Who is the governor of Pittsburgh?

There is no governor of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a city in the state of Pennsylvania, and the current Governor of Pennsylvania is Tom Wolf.

Do governors have to live in the capital city of their state?

So do and some don't. Many states provide a residence (governor's mansion) for the governor, complete with the necessary security, that is easily accessible to the state legislature (capitol).

Who is the current governor of you state?

Governor Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola

What is the 14th state in Mexico?

Tamaulipas (current capital: Ciudad Victoria) was the 14th state admitted to the United Mexican States.

Was thomas jefferson a governor of a state?

Not exactly - he was governor of Virginia for two years, 1779-1781, during the Revolutionary War but before the United States was created, so you could not call him a state governor. Moreover, the governor in his day did not have all of the powers of the current governor of Virginia.