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On the current Court, Justice Elena Kagan is youngest at 51 years old (April 28, 1960); Ruth Bader Ginsburg is oldest at 78 (March 15, 1933).

Justice Stevens, who retired in June 2010, was formerly the oldest on the Court, at age 90. He was the second oldest serving justice in US Supreme Court history; Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., was a few months old than Justice Stevens when he retired.

[May 2011]

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The youngest senator is Senator Mike Lee from Utah (, and the oldest is Senator Frank Lautenberg (, as of FEB 2011.

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Born in 1936, Antonin Scalia is the oldest person on the court. Elana Kagan, born in 1960, is the youngest.

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Q: Name the oldest and youngest supreme court justices?
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