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The only state to share a border with all other mainland states in Australia is South Australia. It touches Western Australia on the west, the Northern Territory and part of Queensland on the north, and Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria on the east.

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South Australia. It borders on to NSW, VIC,NT and QLD

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Maine borders only New Hampshire

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Q: Name the only state to share a border with all other mainland states in Australia?
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Which Australian state shares a border with every other mainland state and northern territory?

There is no Australian state which shares a border with all other states. No state except for Victoria shares a land border with Tasmania. South Australia shares a border with all mainland states and the Northern Territory.

What states shares a border with five other states?

South Australia

Which Australian state borders all other mainland states?

South Australia borders all other mainland states in Australia: Western Australia to the west, Northern Territory to the north, Queensland to the northeast, New South Wales to the east, and Victoria to the southeast.

What is special about South Australia?

South Australia is located in the central southern part of Australia. It is the only state in Australia that touches all other mainland states. South Australia also hosts the Special Olympics in Australia.

How many connecting states make up the mainland of the US?

Forty-eight: All the US states except Alaska and Hawaii have a land border with at least one other state.

How many states does Austaralin states does Victoria share borders with?

Victoria shares its border with two other states... South Australia to the West - and New South Wales to the north.

Which other states border New South Wales?

The state of New South Wales in Australia is bordered by Queensland on the North, South Australia on the West, and Victoria to the South.

In what country is the greater bilby considered to be endangered?

The Greater bilby is listed as endangered only in the state of Queensland in Australia. It is listed as Vulnerable in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and Extinct in the other mainland states.

What are two states that don't border other states?

Alaska and Hawaii are US states that don't border other US states.

Do any other countries other than Australia have 6 states and 2 territories?

Yes.The six states of Australia and their capitals are:New South Wales - SydneyTasmania - HobartVictoria - MelbourneQueensland - BrisbaneWestern Australia - PerthSouth Australia - AdelaideThe two mainland territories are:Northern Territory - DarwinAustralian Capital Territory, which is where Australia's national capital of Canberra is situated.There are also seven external (offshore) territories.

What Australian state doesn't border any other state?

South Australia borders the most states and territories in Australia. South Australia shares borders with Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Two states do not border any other state?

Alaska and Hawaii are the only two states that do not border other US states.