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In most cases that would be Colorado however in the northern panhandle area Wyoming is the more correct answer.

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Q: Name the state that is there state directly east of Utah?
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What state is directly east of Arizona?

Utah is bordered by Idaho and Wyoming to the north, Arizona to the south, Colorado to the east, and Nevada to the west.

Which state is east of Utah?

Colorado is east of Utah.

What is to the north of Utah?

Idaho is directly North of Utah and Wyoming is North East of Utah

Which state is the west of Colorado and to the east of Nevada?

The State To the west of Colorado is Utah. The state to the east of Nevada is also Utah.

Which state is farther east Oregon or Utah?

Utah Oregon is on the West coast of the US, and Utah is farther east.

What state is west of Colorado and east of navada?

Utah! (Look at a U.S. map next time.)

What is the state east of Nevada?


What is the state directly east of Tennessee?

The state directly east of Tennessee is North Carolina.

What state did the transcontinental railway become a reality when east and west tracks met in this state?

promontory summit, Utah

What is the state due east of Nevada?


Which state is furthest east Utah or Alabama?


What state is west of Colorado east of Nevada?