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The two main political parties found in the US today are the Republicans and the Democrats. Members of the Independent Party tend to caucus with the Democrats.

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Those would be the Democratic and Republican parties.

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Democratic and republican

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Q: Name the two main political parties found in the US today?
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What is the name of political parties in your neighbouring countries?

name the political parties neighbors

What are 'political parties name 5 current political parties?

i don't know from aman joshi

What is the name of the meeting at which the political parties choose their candidate?

Political Convention

Can your name the major political parties in the the US?


Can you donate to US political parties?

You are allowed to donate to Political Parties. Note that if you donate a lot they are required to record your name, address, and employer.

What are two major political parties?

This depends on the country in which you live. In the United States the top two political parties are the Democratic and Republican parties. In England you have the Labour and the Conservative parties.

Name six different political parties in Australia?

the six political parties are labor, liberal,greens, democrats, family first and the sixth one is i don't know

Name two of the five major purposes of political parties?

The two major purposes of political parties are disseminating opinions and political information to the populace. Another one is facilitating coordination and cooperation in government.

This type of political party supported a strong central government?

While it was not a political party in the idea of political parties today, those who opposed the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans (first political party) favored a strong federal (national) government and weak state governments. They took the name "Federalists" as that was the name given to the people who had supported ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

Name Utah's first two political parties?

Peoples Party and the Liberal Party

What is a political party's name?

There are several names for political parties. The Tea Party, The Whig Party, Democrats, Republicans, and the Independent Party.

Are communism and capitalism considered to be parties?

They are not considered to be parties. Capitalism is an economic system, Communism is a political ideology that aims for a post-capitalist economic system. There are Communist parties, which claim to want to build a communist system eventually. There are no parties with the name capitalist, because we currently live in a capitalist society. Basically, all political parties are capitalist - they are all parties of capitalism.