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There were several positive and negative consequences of the Industrial Revolution. As far as positive outcomes, the industrial revolution paved the way for modern industry, and allowed inventors to use new technologies to create products. On the downside, the early factories badly polluted the air, and often required workers to do their jobs in horrible safety conditions.

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A person's view of industrialization is probably determined most by their role in it: a worker may see more negatives, while an employer would see more positives. In reality, it is a combination of both. Industrialization began with farming innovations which helped create a more stable food supply, benefiting everyone. Population growth called for more products to be more quickly produced, and industrialization served those needs. Industrialization provided jobs and opportunities for those who had not previously been able to improve on their status as, for example, poor farmers. Industrialization gave women independence for the first time. With the later realization that an educated people make a better workforce, industrialization eventually led to more access to education for both the rich and poor. Industrialization gave people who previously had been condemned to a class by birth, the opportunity to move up in the world. The negative effects of industrialization are equally apparent. Factories destroyed natural landscapes and polluted air. Factory life was harsh and dangerous-while it offered many opportunities, it might ruin people's health and make them miserable. Factories created slums and poor living conditions. Factories by and large only enriched the people at the top, and while a worker could potentially improve his or her position, for most, the road was too hard.

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Q: Name two positive results and two negative results of the Industrial Revolution?
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