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Q: Name two ways Americans used steel?
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Name three ways in which African Americans used passive resistance gain civil rights?

Sit-ins, freedom rides, and marches are some non-violent ways in which African Americans used passive resistance gain civil rights.

What ways did the Chinese use steel and iron?

they used it for weapons like the halberd

What were the three ways in which Native Americans of the Great Plains used the buffalo?

for clothing and blankets

What are two ways steel is used?

Steel is commonly used in construction for building structures like skyscrapers, bridges, and highways due to its strength and durability. It is also used in manufacturing applications for making tools, machinery, and automotive parts because of its ability to withstand high stress and heat.

What are two ways that footballs are used?

American football and what the world calls football which Americans call soccer

What are the grandfather clauses of?

ways to prevent african americans from voting.

Name two ways the first Americans may have migrated to the Americans from Asia?

one way is they cross the Bering land bridge. the other way is they sailed island to island.

Why did Americans need better ways to travel?

To move west americans needed to develop better ways of traveling.

What are the grandfather clauses examples of?

ways to prevent african americans from voting.

How do Americans overcome long odds?

The same ways as non Americans.

What generalization can you make about the ways of life of Native Americans who lived in the Southwest?

Native americans

How did the Native Americans influence the English language?

Native Americans have influenced the English language in many ways. Native American words have found their way into military communications. Native American words are also used to name cities, and roads in the United States. For example, the Wampanoag trail in Rhode Island.