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This would be Toulon, on the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1793, it was occupied by British and and Spanish Forces, who supported the royalists opposing the Revolutionary French Government. Napoleon was the French artillery commander at this siege, and after the French succesfully drove the enemy out, Napoleon was promoted to Brigadier General

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Q: Napoleon drove the british out of this French port?
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The British Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts and closed the port of Boston in response to what event?

The British Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts and closed the port of Boston in response to the Boston Tea Party.

What role did the French play in the Battle of Yorktown in 1781?

The American forces managed to corner the British Army on a peninsula. The French Navy prevented the British Navy from being able to rescue them. The results was the surrender of the British.

Who made the first offer to buy the port city of new Orleans?

The port city of New Orleans has been owned by many and influenced by a variety of cultures through the years. The first to offer to buy it was the French Mississippi Company.

How long was the Boston harbor closed by king Henry the third?

It was King George III you're thinking of here. :) The Boston Port Act was enacted March 31, 1774, and was supposed to be enforced until Boston had paid restitution for the tea destroyed in the Boston Tea Party. As the main source of trade and commerce for Massachusetts, this Act did not go over well, as you can imagine. The Siege of Boston followed shortly afterward, and British General Thomas Gage occupied Boston, and the British used the Boston Port to bring in their own war supplies and troops. The following March, the Continental Army drove the British out of Boston, and March 17 is now celebrated as Evacuation Day. So, to answer your question, just barely under a year.

What legislation led to the closing of boston's port in 1774?

The British Closed the Harbor and made the boston people pay for the tea that had been dumped.the colonists got very angry.

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Napoleon drove the British out of what French Port?


What was Napoleon's first famous act?

The Siege at Toulon was his first well known military effort. He drove the British Fleet out to sea from the port and ended the city's revolt against the Republican Government. For that action, he was promoted to Brigadier General.

Which French leader offered San Marino a route to a deepwater port in 1797?


At what French port did the British withdraw their troops after the fall of France?

port beach.

How did Napoleon rise to power?

During a war against the British, Napoleon Bonaparte had to replace his injured captain. He proved himself by attacking the port and scaring of the British. His strategy got him promotions and got him notice which led to the ruling of Europe.

How did this victory help Napoleon's career?

His victory at Toulon got him noticed by the Directory. The British fleet was forced out of the port and out to sea.

How did the battle of Trafalgar start?

The combined Spanish French Fleet decided to leave port, and make for open waters, the British attacked as they exited their port.

Why did King George have british troops in Boston?

British Troops were in Boston because it was a major sea port and after the 7 Years war, (French and Indian War) it was a major strategic port that allowed for control of the Northeast and support to Canada and the removal of former French citizens to New Orleans.

Where were the British defeated by Napoleon's forces in 1793?

At the Siege of Toulon when he gained the high ground withe his artillery and sent the Royal Navy out of the port and scampering for the high seas.

Where was Napoleon captured?

At some point after his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon tried to escape to North America, but the Navy was blockading French ports and stopped him. He finally surrendered and was arrested. Louis XVIII was restored to the throne of France, and Napoleon was exiled to Saint Helena, where he died in 1821.

Why did the french people see napoleon as a hero?

Royalist rebels were on the march toward the National Convention. When they arrived, Napoleon and his gunners greeted them with a "whiff of grapeshot". Within minutes the attackers fled in panic and confusion leaving 1,400 dead behind. He also forced the British out of Toulon.

What British port did passengers of the Titanic get on?

The British port was Southampton, England.