Neutralists in the rev war

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Neutralist in the Revolutionary War included members of Parliament and Colonial slaves. Neutralist were loyal to England but didn't feel it was right to tax the American colonies.

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Q: Neutralists in the rev war
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What part did the neutralists take in the revolutionary war?

The neutralist didnt wanna fight for independence

What were the percentage of neutralists in the American revolution?

40% of the colonists were neutralists.

What was the neutralists beliefs in paying taxes?


Where did the neutralists live?

First of all, it's "where" not "were". If you are talking about loyalist and patriot kind of neutralists then let me tell you that neutralists living in regular homes. They just didn't take any sides. Loyalists are colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain (EXAMPLE: Thomas Hutchinson), patriots are colonists who wanted independence (EXAMPLE: Mercy Otis Warren) and neutralists were colonists who took neither sides. Hope this helped!! :D

What war was Rev John Gruber associated with?

The War of 1812

What did the neutralist believe in?

The neutralists believed in neutrality during the war. They did not believe in taking sides. Many of them were pacifists that did not believe in fighting at all like the Quakers.

Why were people neutralists?

Some where neutralists because they owned Taverns/shops. Also some where not sure which side would win, and if they chose the loosing side they could be sentenced death! -charlotte

Was it good to fight the british in the rev war?


Who was the king in the rev war?

KIng George

What women were in the American rev war?

not many

Who were the Loyalists and the Patriots?

During The Revolutionary War, people either sided with the king, loyalists, or people who wanted freedom, patriots. Neutralists were the group who sided with any, they simply did not really care!

Who were the neutralists in the American revolution?

Patience Wright was :) oh yess he wass. (: