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President Kennedy's New Frontier program contained several domestic bills. Unemployment benefits were expanded, funding was sent so cities that was earmarked for housing and transportation improvements. There was funding to cover environments, social security, farm assistance, food stamps, anti-poverty programs and minimum wage.

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Q: New Frontier domestic program
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What was Kennedy's domestic agenda was referred to as?

New Frontier was the name attached to Kennedy's domestic package. The name came from a phrase in Kennedy 1960 nomination acceptance speech in which he said that America was standing on the verge of a new frontier.

Whats JFK's domestic policy?

Kennedys foreign and domestic policies included his actions towards the civil rights movement and the New Frontier

What was the name of President Kennedy's program of reforms?

the new frontier

What were the goals of the New Frontier program?

The main goals of the New Frontier program was:Civil rights billsTax-cut billsHealth-care billsEqual pay for womenAid to citiesAid to poor rural areasManpower trainingMinimum wage

What assesses the effectiveness of New Frontier domestic policies?

The effectiveness of any policies can be measured by their outcomes and how well the policies worked. This is true for the New Frontier domestic policies of the Kennedy presidency.To read more about the policies and their effectiveness, visit this page:new-frontier

JFK's program for the country?

It was called the New Frontier.

What space program did the US have in the 1960's?

New frontier

Legislative program introduced by president Kennedy?

The New Frontier

What was kennedys social welfare program called?

"New Frontier"

What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's domestic program called?

The New Deal.

What did Franklin Roosevelt call his domestic program?

He called it the New deal.

What was the overall title for president Kennedy social program?

new frontier