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The state of New Hampshire has many major industries such as tourism and lumber. Other major industries are textile and software.

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textiles, lumber, tourism, electronic equipment, software are the main industry of New Hampshire.

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largest or most popular city for new york

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Q: New Hampshire major industry
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What is the major industry of New Hampshire?


What were some of new hampshire's major industry?


Major industry in New Hampshire colony?

Fishing,fur trading,Lumber,SHipbuilding, trade,and agriculture(potatoes,fishing)

What was New Hampshire's main products and industry?

New Hampshire's main products and industry were fishing, farming and making ships. These were the main economic products which they exported.

What are 2 major colleges located in New Hampshire?

The University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth.

Why did Colonists come to New Hampshire?

they came to New Hampshire to fish and trade!

What is the major city for New Hampshire?

The biggest cities in New Hampshire are Manchester, Concord, Laconia, and Nashua

What are New Hampshire's major exports?


What is the major resource for New Hampshire?

balls :)

Major lakes in New Hampshire?


Who is New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a state, not a person. It is also a major fishing spot due to the many supplies of good fish around New Hampshire.

Why is lumbering New Jersey's major industry?

Lumbering is not New Jersey's major industry.