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They were called the "Minute Men"

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The Minute Men.

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Q: Nickname given to American soldiers during the revolutionary war because they were ready to fight the british on a moment's notice?
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What was the nickname for american soldiers because their clothing was labeled Government Issue?

The nickname for American soldiers because their clothing was labeled government issue was GIs.

Why is Benedict Arnold important?

Some people think that Benedict Arnold is important because he was a traitor in the American Revolutionary War. He was first a great general for the American soldiers but then things all of sudden changed and he went over to be a British Soldier because he thought that the American soldiers would lose against the British. But turns out that he was wrong about that because the American soldiers won the American Revolutionary War between American soldiers and British soldiers. ~Thank You~

What was the nickname given to the colonial soldiers in the american revolution?

The nickname given to the Colonial Soldiers in the American Revolution was Minutemen. They were called this because they were to go to fight in a minutes notice.

Why was the baytle of treton signficated?

The Battle of Trenton was an important event in the American Revolutionary War because it inspired beleaguered American soldiers to reenlist and encouraged.

Why did Mary Ludwigs name change?

molly pitcher because her nickname was molly but when she grabbed the pitcher and gave a drink to the falling soldiers in he revolutionary war the soldiers called her molly pitcher at he end of the war and is known by that name today

Why was Ethan Allen arrested?

Ethan Allen was arrested because he was an American revolutionary figure. He was captured by British soldiers and held as a prisoner of war.

Why did the british fight in the Revolutionary War?

because the colonists didn't have soldiers

How did the American flag get its nickname?

because it did

What important events was Molly Pitcher in?

Molly Pitcher gave water to soldiers. She is known for soldiers shouting "Molly! Pitcher!" She carried around a jug of water to give to the soldiers. Strangely, there is more than one Molly Pitcher.

What was John Marshall's nickname?

John Marshall was nicknamed "silver heels" by his fellow soldiers during the Revolutionary War because his mother had sewn white patches (for reinforcement) onto the heels of his socks, and they flashed like silver when he ran footraces.

Why were some American opposed to constitution?

because they had american revolutionary of the war is British.

What is General George Pickett's nickname?

"General of the Feet" because he commanded foot soldiers