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power of state government

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Q: No tax on voting citizens 18 years of age could vote?
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Under which category does no voting and citizens 18 years of age could vote fall?

power of the state government

Were mentics allowed to vote in ancient Athens?

No mentics weren't aloud to vote but could influence citizens voting

How do citizens exercise their sovereignty?

they vote and thats about it

Should citizens be fined for not voting?

No, you do not get fined for no voting. Voting is completely voluntary.

What is voting citizens?

Voting citizens are the electorate of a country. For instance, I am a voting citizen in the UK, because I am on the electorate role and entitled to vote in any General Election.

What did the Twenty-sixth Amendment to the Constitution change about voting?

It gave the vote to 18- to 20-year-old citizens.

When do citizens vote for president?

It depends entirely on the country in question. In the United States, citizens vote every four years. In most Latin American countries, citizens vote every five years. In most Arab World countries, citizens never have the opportunity to vote at all.

What are all citizens 18 years and over required to do in Australia?

Vote. Australia has compulsory voting for federal, state and local elections.

Voting age in Germany?

All German citizens at least 18 years old.

Can citizens over 18 years old vote?

yes, 18 is the legal voting age and the legal age at which you can die for your country.

Should the US make voting mandatory for citizens?

ENCOURING CITIZENS TO VOTE! I encourage all American citizens who are above 18 years to vote. This is great opportunity to represent someone who is right for our government and he/she can present our opinions. I believe many people died so American citizens can vote for someone they think will run our great country. It's our right and our duty as Americans citizens to alteast vote for people didn't have this opportunity years back.

What is the role of citizens in democracy?

To make informed decisions when voting.