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Q: Old fashion word meaning incapable of being taken away?
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What word mean absolute incapable of being taken way?

my best guess is permanent

Is being taken into custody and being arrested the same meaning or different meaning?

They mean the same thing.

What is the meaning of being taken by someone?

This means that someone loves that boy/girl but they were taken by another person.

How do you use impregnable in a sentence?

Impregnable means incapable of being taken by assault. Although they tried to attack the castle, the enemies found our castle walls to be impregnable, so they stopped their attack before nightfall.

How can surface tension taken into fashion?

that does not make sense

What is the meaning of taken in Telugu?


Is fashion bad?

Fashion is neither good nor bad, by itself. If taken to the extreme, it can be detrimental to people involved. But that is true of any enthusiasm.

What is boarder line?

Borderline means close to not being what it's intended to be, or close to being wrong -- on the edge. It's taken from being near the border. "His risque talk was borderline." Meaning his words were close to being indecent. His act was borderline legal. Meaning it was close to illegal. His accusing her of being angry was borderline. Meaning it was either close to being too extreme [she was just annoyed] or close to not being strong enough [she was in a violent rage].

What the meaning of a dormant organism?

The Meaning of being dormant is that an organism has basically taken a nap.To explain it scientifically it means that an organism is inactive and like not "alive".It means that they are basically taking a nap.

What is the meaning of debit and credit note?

Debit Note - Money being taken out such as invoiced or charged Credit Note - Money being given back such as refund or over payment.

What is the idiomatic meaning of be taken in?

"To be taken in" means to be tricked or fooled.

What is the meaning of asserted in English?

arrested means being taken by police to go to gail for something you have done wrong our hurt/threatened anyone.