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1000 feet tall

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Q: On mount rushmour how high is George Washingtons head?
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Which president's head was first on Mount Rushmore?

George Washington's head was the first one completed and dedicated on Mount Rushmore.

When was the head of George Washington dedicated on Mount Rushmore?

Jully 4, 1934

Are bicentennial quarters that don't have a letter by george washingtons head worth anything?

No letter means the coin was minted in Philadelphia. It's worth 25 cents.

When did George Head Head die?

George Head died in 1855.

Which president's head is on mount Rushmore and on a US nickel?

Thomas Jefferson is on the US nickel and Mount Rushmore. George Washington is on the quarter and $1 bill, while Abraham Lincoln is on the cent and $5 bill. Teddy Roosevelt is the only president depicted on Mount Rushmore who doesn't appear on a regularly-circulating coin or bill.

How and when did George Washington die?

George Washington died of a head illness that cause a lot of pain to the head as he the night went on it became worst as they gave him drastic remedies it made his head worst. George Washington was pronounce dead on The fourteenth of December 1779 in 1885 they built a monument. He also died of heart cancer.He died 12/14/1799,at his plantation at Mount Vernon after contracting a throat infection.

When was George Head born?

George Head was born in 1782.

Why did the second head on Mount Rushmore start to crumble?

Why did the second head on Mount Rushmore start to crumble? Write your answer...

How high to mount a shower head?

I mount them 70 inches from the floor of the shower.

What was washingtons job during presidency?

The same things that the Preisident does today. Lead the army, be chief of state, be head ambassador, ect.

Is there a Mount Honolulu?

No, there is not a Mount Honolulu. The most famous mountain in Honolulu is Diamond Head Crater.

How big is mount Honolulu?

There is no Mount Honolulu. The most famous mount in Honolulu is Diamond Head Crater, at 714 ft. tall.