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raw materials used in industry

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Q: One of the most important motives for the European Scramble for Africa in the late 1800s was that Africa provided a source of?
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What were the motives of those in the antiwar movement?

To stop death and the horrors of the Vietnam war

What are general motives for building an empire and what are some examples of each motive?

The general motives for building an empire is as follows: to expand your territory, acquire more resources, acquire more raw minerals and materials, acquire more power, and dominate the world. The US, British Empire, Greeks and Romans are examples of each motive.

What did the federalists and antifederalists have in common?

The common interest of the anti-federalists and federalists was that they both wanted America to be controlled by the people. Their motives were to preserve the liberty and independence of the people.

How was the American Revolution different from World War 1?

World War I occured after the Industrial Revolution and had the benefit, or curse, of technologically advanced weaponry. The American Revolution had a distinct purpose, independence from Britain, instead of hazy unclear motives like those of the Great War.

What were the positive and negative effects of European imperial rule of Africa?

ıÜüA positive effect is seen in document one called "Modern Progressive Nations," it shows how the larger nations gave to the smaller colonies. The nations built them roads, canals, and railways. Showed them the telegraph, newspaper, established schools for them, gave them the blessing of their civilization, and overall made them economized. They were part of modern culture after this occurred. Another positive effect is seen in document three called "Colonial Governments and Missionaries. " It shows how the colonial governments introduced improved medical care, and better methods of sanitation. There were new crops; tools and farming methods, which helped, increase food production. These changes meant less death to smaller colonies, and overall improve the state of living. They now could live longer and have better sanitation compared to the earlier imperialism. If we give an example, British imperialism on India had many positive and negative affects on both the mother country, Britain and the colony, India. Many people would argue which effects were more prominent in these countries and some would agree that they were equal. But in both cases there were actually both.Another example would be the building of the Panama Canal.Before without the Panama Canal, if you wanted to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific or the Pacific to the Atlantic, you would have to sail around the tip of South America at Drake's Passage and then continue your passage in the Atlantic.After the Us came and purchased the Canal Zone, they began to build it.And then after it was built,you could easily cut through the canal saving money and time.This is another example as to how imperialism benefits small countries.

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What were the motives behind the global scramble for colonies?

Raw materials, control over colonies, & wealth.

What were three motives behind the European race for colonies?

the three motives of the European race is 1) economic 2) social/ religion 3) political/ military

What were three main motives for European expansion?

Three main motives for European expansion were to increase wealth through trade, spread religious beliefs through conversion and conquest, and acquire resources and territories to boost power and influence.

Why did africans traded their own kind?

Africans engaged in the transatlantic slave trade primarily due to economic motives, as the trade provided access to valuable European goods, weapons, and resources. Additionally, some African societies participated in the slave trade to acquire power and influence through alliances with European traders. It is important to note that the slave trade was facilitated and intensified by European colonization and exploitation of Africa.

What was there in the motives of the French that blinded them to the realities of the Vietnamese people?

The European mind-set during that era.

Which civilization best completes the heading of the partial outline below?

European Motives for Fighting the Crusades.

What are three motives for the European race for colonies?

to find new materials, spices and to spreas the religion

What are European motives of imperialism?

Not only did the europeans think they were better than everyone else, but their motives were actually very simple. One was to aquire new territory to gain that territory's natural resources. The second was based off of the get money. Those two reasons were the main motives for the entire history of European Imperialism. An example that depicts these two motives very well is "The Scramble for Africa." Also, England's exportation of opium to China is another good example. Economic based motive was that Britain wanted to create new markets for products and to acquire our sacred raw materials. Britain wanted nothing more than to get their hands on Chinas delicate silk, porcelain, and tea in exchange for gold and silver. Political based motive - Britain imperialized in order to make themselves seem more powerful to other countries and be superior to them.

What were US motives to be in NATO?

To be able to contain communist ideas in Europe and have military influence in European countries.

What are three motives behind the European race for colonies?

to find new materials, spices and to spreas the religion

What are 3 motives behind the European race for colonies?

to change the economic, political, and social forces of peoples lives.

What has the author Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer written?

Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer has written: 'Imago noctis' -- subject(s): Art, European, European Art, Night in art, Themes, motives