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among informal powers of the president.

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Q: One of the most important powers the president possesses is the power to persuade This power is found?
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What kind of powers did Sumerian's believe their God possesses?


How are the presidents legislative powers important to the checks and balances?

The president doesn't have legislative powers congress does. That is their job. The president can veto a bill, sign it, or do a pocket veto.

List 5 expressed powers in the constitution that you think are the most important?

The most important power in the constitution is the taxing and spending power given to Congress. Other important powers include the president's appointment and veto powers, Congress' foreign affairs and spending powers.

What powers does the president of china have?

He has the same powers as the US president

What powers are exclusive to the president?

weapons, body guards, important meetings on population, taxes, etc.

What important powers did the constitution leave n the hands of the states?

The power to choose their leader (president).

What are the Consitiutional powers of the Vice President?

The powers of the Vice- President come from the requests of his/her president.

Why was the war powers act important?

The War Powers Act or War Power Resolution was the first law passed intending to define and limit the powers the President of the United States possessed.

What is the powers of the president?

The President

What happened as result of the Louisiana purchase?

President Jefferson used new presidential powers.

The us president who played an important role in the defeat of the axis powers and the creation of the united nation.?

Franklin roosevelt.

What do you think is the most important powers granted to the president and why?

To command the us armed forces to simply win a war