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Q: One who sells general foods or household goods?
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What is a bakehouse?

a baker is a person who bakes cakes, cupcake.A bakery is a place that makes and sells baked goods such as muffins or bread.

Who are Australia's current trading partners and what do we trade?

The emphasis in the economy is put on exporting commodities rather than manufacturing hi-tech goods. In lamen terms Australians sells stuff like wheat, food, milk, raw materiels(gold, copper, iron) rather than produce stuff like computer chips or phones. Australia's biggest trade partners are Japan, China, the US, South Korea, and New Zealand "cycle of trade" they buy raw materials from Australia and process it to make "usable goods" and in return Australia buys those manufactured goods. Although tourism, education, and financial services, accounts for 69% of GDP the trade of Australia's raw materials make the vast majority of its exports.

What type of products are sold by Power Commander?

Power Commander sells accessories for different types of motorcycles. Some of the motorcycles that are compatible with the accessories Power Commander sells include Suzuki and Harley Davidson.

Who is a whole seller?

Someone who sells to other businesses (as opposed to someone who sells to private customers and is called a retailer). Almost all factories are whole sellers: they sell only to companies (shops, dealerships etc.) that in turn sell the products to you and me.

What is copy of Dallas Morning News dated November 23 1963 worth?

It is possible you may have a reproduction because they sell for 4.95. A real one sells for 52.00 online.

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One who sells general foods or household?

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One who sells miscellaneous household items?

target or home goods

What is the definition of grocer?

A person who sells food and small household goods

What does the word GROCRY mean?

It is a place that sells general household supplies

Who sells flour cheese bacon?

The person is a grocer (a seller of food and small household goods).

What products can be bought on the website Directbuy?

Directbuy is a website which mainly sells household goods. People can find every kind of household goods, from kitchen goods to laundry, they can also purchase cut price products in the website.

Who sells household goods?

When one is trying to find good stores to purchase household goods from, one might want to visit online stores like BedBathandBeyond, Target, Amazon, or HomeGoods.

What is a one word substitute for one who sells household items?

The word may be peddler (traveling vendor of goods).

What does the phrase mobile general store mean?

A mobile general store typically refers to a business that sells a variety of goods, such as groceries, household items, and other supplies, from a vehicle or mobile unit instead of a traditional brick-and-mortar store. It provides convenience by bringing these goods directly to customers in various locations.

What is a one word substitute for one who sells miscellaneous household items?

The word may be peddler (traveling vendor of goods).

Who is a person who buys and sells goods to make money?

someone who sells goods someone who sells goods Supply and Demand.

What sort of products does the company Kohls sell?

Kohl's sells a variety of products including apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty products, home decor, and kitchen essentials. They also offer various brands and styles to cater to different customer preferences.