Opposite of nomadic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nomadic means to roam, so the opposite would be stable, or to stay put (reside) in one place.

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Q: Opposite of nomadic
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What is the opposite of nomadic?

The opposite of Nomadic is Sedentary or Settler communities

What word means the opposite of nomadic?

nomad means wanderer, traveler, drifter. The opposite would be resident, settled, permanent, established...bruh💁

Was the Sioux tribe nomadic or semi nomadic?

they were nomadic!!

What the nomadic?

The Indians were nomadic.

What was the importance of nomadic people on the silk road?

the importace of the nomadic people are they are nomadic

What people the nomadic?

The Indians were nomadic.

Are The Wichita Indians Nomadic?

No not nomadic

Were the Mayans nomadic?

yes they are

Where Miami people in indana settle or nomadic?


Are comanches nomadic or sedentary?

The Comanche were nomadic herders.

Was the seneca tribe settled or nomadic?

they were settled

What kind of tribes where the Xiongnu and Scythians?