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Robert F. Stockton organized a new territorial government, after declaring the annexation of California to the U.S. He appointed himself as the governor.

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Q: Organized new territorial government
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How does the New Jersey State government work?

New Jersey's state and local governments are organized by groups

How did Phoenix become a capital?

The 15th Territorial Legislature made the decision because Phoenix was building a new City Hall that was large enough to include the Territorial Government

When the US began to govern Hispanic New Mexico it created a territorial government composed of who?

almost exclusively Anglo-Americans

What are organized groups that borrow money from the government to pay for installation electrical services?

Cooperatives are organized groups that borrow money from the government in order to finance the installation of electrical services. This was part of the New Deal legislation.

What were the six reasons for establishing a new government?

The six reasons for establishing a new government were ; getting organized, Madison's Plan, sharing power with the states,compromise about congress , the executive and judicial branches, & the signing .

Territorial days in New Hampshire?

yes or no

What were the territorial days in New Jersey?

New Jersey was a colony and not a territory.

In what branch is the US District Court in New York state?

All of the 94 US District Courts are part of the Judicial branch of the federal government, regardless of their territorial location.

What new idea government was included in the Ordinance of 1787?

The new idea of government was self-rule. The Ordinance of 1787 was creation of the Northwest Territory. It was the first organized territory in the U.S. The people were empowered by the U.S. to exercise all of the powers of government, but they must stay with well defined boundaries.

What negatives accompanied new territorial aquisitions?

there was none .

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The Green Mountain Boys, lead by John Stark, were from the Green Mountains of Vermont in the days when Vermont was claimed by both Massachusetts and New York, and had not yet organized a full government.