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Pandit Shiv Kumar Shastri former MP from Aligarh Uttar Pradesh India was a renowned Vedic Scholar. He was elected as Member of Lok Sabha from Aligarh constituency in 1967 (fourth Lok Sabha ) and 1971 (fifth Lok Sabha ) [ 1967 - 1977 ].

His short life sketch is printed on a famous book SHRUTI SAURABH which is a collection of his lectures based on Vedic and other religious texts. He died on 3rd September 1989 in Delhi.

I am his son-in-law. If you want any other information please email me at -

Satyendra Kumar Raghav

Postal Address : R - 14/ 33 Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P. India

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Q: Pandit Shiv Kumar Shastri former MP from Aligarh?
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