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reserved to the state governments

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Q: Passing marriage and divorce laws creating vehicle and traffic regulations and setting high school graduation requirements are examples of powers traditionally?
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How can the process of creating and ratifying the constitution be described?

How can the process of creating and ratifying the constitution be described

Why governments turn to regulation as a way to solve their problems?

Governments will turn to creating new regulations to solve the various types of problems that either the government itself has created or problems by an outside nation has created, making things more difficult. If inflation, usually caused by government spending is out of control, then wage and price freezes will be implemented to try to solve that problem. If news of corruption within the government is widespread, then new regulations concerning the press and other news media will be regulated to not expose sensitive news information about government practices. If a nation's industries are failing to produce internal customers due to foreign imports, such as cars, then regulations concerning the number of foreign imports of cars will implemented.

Which factor has made the strongest contribution to the development of religious freedom in the US?

The separation of Church and State is clearly delineated in the US Constitution. The government is expressly barred from state sponsored religions requirements or creating an "official" religion of the nation. This safeguard has served to preserve religious expression and tolerance in the nation.

How did companies like Sears take advantage of the newly created federal mail service?

By creating mail-order catalogs.

What are five essential requirements for creating a government?

The government should have a goal. At least one tenth of the citizen should be farmers. Safety is a priority. Leadership is needed. Law and order should be maintained. Production and sustenance should be provided daily. Higher education should be provided.

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