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François-Marie Arouet, perhaps France's best known philosopher went under the pen name of Voltaire. Known for his wit, scathing attacks on the church as well as being one of the dominant Enlightenment thinkers, Voltaire is also known for publishing via various mediums. He wrote novels, poetry, letters and pamphlets.

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Q: Pen name of the best known French philosopher?
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What is the full name of the French philosopher Georges?

The full name of the French philosopher Georges is Georges Bataille.

French author and philosopher famous throughout Europe for his letters?

François-Marie Arouet or he was better known for his pen name Voltaire

Which french philosopher's name ends with e?

Probable Voltaire, Montaigne.

What does the name Heloise mean?

The name Heloise is of French origin and means "famous warrior." It is a feminine name with historical significance, often associated with the medieval figure Heloise, known for her relationship with the philosopher Peter Abelard.

Who is the french philosopher whose name bscalegins with letter p?

Pascal Blaise.

How is Socrates pronounced?

Socrates is pronounced as "SAH-kruh-teez" with the emphasis on the first syllable.

What is the last name of French philosopher George?

The philosopher George Santayana, born in Spain of Spanish and American parents, moved to the United States and taught at Harvard. Various sources state that he retired to Avila, in Spain, or Paris, London, and/or Rome. The philosopher George Santayana is not French now is he? Georges Sorel is the answer you are looking for. George Santayana wrote four books, Georges Sorel wrote one. George Santayana is important in Philosophy, Georges Sorel is important in Socialist and Fascist thought. Either that, or neither is important.

What is the name of the best disciple of socrates?

The best-known disciple of Socrates is generally considered to be Plato. Plato went on to become a renowned philosopher in his own right and founded the Academy in Athens.

What is another name for a lover of wisdom?

A lover of wisdom is also known as a philosopher.

In 1718 what was the name of the best known city of French heritage in America?

New Orleans

Who was Voltairet?

Voltairet was a French Enlightenment writer, philosopher, and historian. His birth name was Francois-Marie Arouet.

What is the surname of french philosopher Jean-Paul?

jean paul Charles aymard sartre-full name.