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Q: People electing representatives is an example of what form of government?
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How long can you be in House of Representatives?

You can stay in as long as the people keep electing you.

How do people carry out their ruling power?

by electing representatives to make laws

What were the earliest forms of democracy?

The first known example of democracy was in Ancient Athens, where they had a direct democracy where instead of electing representatives the people represented themselves.

What principle of colonial government gives people the voice and a vote in what the government will and will not do by electing officials?

Representative government

When voters cast ballots in November for those leaders they are actually are electing a group of representatives to what?

In addition to election people to fill Congressional seats in the House and Senate, they will be electing representatives to the Electoral College. The Electoral College will cast the votes that elect the President.

Can a government be democratic republic and federal at the same time?

Yes, it can. Federal refers to a number of states which are united but they have internal independence. Democratic is a country in which the people have a say in the government by electing representatives into Parliament and so indirectly take part in the law-making processes.

How many bodies made up the Representative Branch of Roman Government?

The government of the Roman did not have a representative branch. The Romans did not practice in direct democracy like we do (electing representatives to sit in legislative bodies). They practiced direct democracy; that is, it was the people who, gathered in popular assemblies, voted directly on bills

What is democracy?

Democracy is a regime that is organised by the rule of the people.Is a rule of people by the peopleDemocracy refers to the system of government whereby the subjects are eligible to electing their leaders.

How are representatives chosen to form a federal government?

Representatives are elected by the people in a state.

What form of government best describes the term republic?

a government in which the citizens elect their leaders

What is the government where people elect there representatives?


The government of Italy where the people elect representatives to serve in the government?