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Q: People that want to abolish all forms of government?
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What are people called who want to abolish slavery?


What are three contrasting forms of government?

Three contrasting forms of government are a democracy, a monarchy and an autocracy. In a democracy, there is rule by the many. People vote for the government they want. In a monarchy, a leader inherits power through tradition. In an autocracy, the government is led by an absolute, often tyrannical leader.

What do you want to abolish?

to end slavery

Who were the advocates of centralization and why did they want to alter or abolish the Articles of Confederation?

The Federalists wanted a strong central government. The Articles called for a weak central government with the confederation having their own governments.

Why did state established republican forms of government?

it's either... a. to keep power in the hands of the wealthy b. to take power away from landholders c. to give people a voice in their government

What kind of government did God want for his people?

A government of the people by the people for the people.

What did Benjamin Franklin want to abolish?


Did Napoleon Bonaparte abolish feudalism?

He did want to abolish it. He gain many allies in the certain areas he had.

What is a person called when they want to abolish slavery?

An abolitionist

Is the government bad people?

you may want to change that to are the government bad people , and no.

Why does obama want the us to become socialist?

He doesn't. That is a myth spread by his political opponents. While the president believes, as many Democrats do, that the government has a role in helping its poorest citizens, he is not a socialist, nor have he ever been.

The Confederacy wanted to abolish slavery?

The Confederacy did not want to abolish slavery. In fact, they wanted to expand slavery into the new territories of the US.