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Q: People who favored the concept of nativism feared and opposed?
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What is the definition for nativism?

A policy put by government that is favored by local people ,however disliked by immigrants.

Why was Alexander Hamilton's plan to tax the American people opposed by many southerners?

they thought it favored the northern states

What is the Policy of favoritism to us born people called?


What is cultural nativism?

a group or race of people that live in their indigenous area, (where they are from)

How did the nativist movement impact on the new immigrants?

Nativism would affect immigrants because of bias and prejudice. Nativism refers to a bias that inhabitants had toward people that were not Protestant or white.

How did nativism arise?

Nativism is defined as being the favoring of indigenous inhabitants over immigrants. Nativism in the United States arouse due to the high levels of immigrants that were coming to the US in the 1920s.

In the debate over the constitution the anti-federlists fought for what issues?

Anti Federalists believed people should have political power, they favored strong state government, emphasized agriculture, strict interpretation of constitution, were Pro-French, opposed national bank, and opposed protective tariff.

What did the framers prefer a republic over a democracy?

The concept of government that the framers favored was the republic form. This was the form of government that would allow the people to appoint those they wanted to represent them into government positions.

Who were the people that favored slavery?

The confederates (the southerners)

What did Andrew Jackson not support?

Andrew Jackson did not support the concept of a strong centralized federal government. He favored a limited government with more power given to the states. Jackson also opposed the idea of a national bank, believing it benefited the wealthy at the expense of the common people.

Which of the following groups opposed war with great Britain-?

The War Hawks were a group that favored war with Great Britain. They were angry because of the treatment of US sailors and the violation of US maritime rights by the British.

Nativism that appeared in the US?

The Chinese Exclusion act passed in 1882 by President Chester A. Arthur was a direct result of nativism. It prevented Chinese laborers from immigrating.