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People who only raise enough crops to feed their families are called "subsistence farmers".

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Q: People who practice what raise just enough crops to support their families?
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How did people who were not farmers support their families and themselves?

other people could have had jobs as fisher men, entertainers, barbers, etc. and they would have earned enough money to have a good life.

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What did a surplus of food allow some egyptians to do?

They made their clothings and made homes and made enough food to support their families

If an oasis has enough water what can it support?

A community of people

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Yes there was! Many people sold their families into slavery because they did not have enough money to cater for them( Hope i helped :).

Why did people stay in tenements?

They didn't make enough money to move.

Why women need to support their families?

Making enough money to support your family And meet their essential needs when necessary. It’s absolutely a must for any country for a women to support their family while also be able to have time off to be with their family to help raise their children and have a meaningful life.

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People in the 1930s acted much like they do today. Most people were struggling through the Great Depression, and trying to get enough food to feed their families.

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