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a congressional agency

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Q: People who support the president in the executive office work in which type of agency?
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Is NASA an executive agency?

In my experience the term 'executive agency' is for certain bureaus in the British government. Since NASA is a part of the US government it would not be an executive agency under this definition. If you mean, is it an agency falling under the US Executive Branch (under the President) then yes, it falls under the President.

Who are Top agency officials in the executive branch appointed by?


What executive agency prevents counterfeiting and protects the president?


The executive office agency responsible for preparing the president's budget forecasts and proposals is the?

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is the executive office agency responsible for preparing the president's budget forecasts and proposals.

What is the largest agency of the Executive Office of the President?

The largest agency of the Executive Office of the President is the Office of Management and Budget, commonly know as the OMB.

Which of the following is not an agency under the executive office for the president?

Office of Internal Revenue Service

What is the executive agency that helps the environment?

In the United States, the federal executive agency that is supposed to support the environment is the Environmental Protection Agency. Each state has an agency with a similar responsibility and a different but similar name.In other countries, the agency is often called something like "Ministry of the Environment."

Which agency may propose legislation and execute treaty agreements?

The Executive Branch (the President/State Department)

Which agency within the executive office of the president is responsible for how much natural resources are used?

the Office of Natural Resources

What is the major distinction between executive and independent agencies?

The executive agency would be in charge of running the whole program. The regulatory agency would make sure all laws and rules are followed.

Where did the formation of agency come from?

Federal agencies in the United States are typically formed by the President by Executive Order. The heads of these agencies become members of the President's cabinet.

What is the function of council of economic advisers?

The Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) is an agency within the Executive Office of the President that advises the President of the United States on economic's.